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KCMN September Meeting: Ransomware--Resilience Planning to Better Protect Against and Respond to These and Other Cyber Attacks

KCMN September Meeting: Ransomware--Resilience Planning to Better Protect Against and Respond to These and Other Cyber Attacks

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 (7:00 AM - 9:00 AM) (CDT)


It is now clear that every company is at risk of a cyber-attack no matter how diligent and sophisticated they are at cybersecurity and in today’s cyber world, there is no such thing as “secure”. Most companies recognize that cyber attacks such as a ransomware attack require a technical response but do not realize that there are legal and business issues that must be addressed as part of the incident response process. One of the most important factors in getting this right is to prepare for it ahead of time. 

This presentation will discuss the lifecycle of a ransomware attack and address key phases such as: how they happen, what the process is for recovery and investigation, and what can be done ahead of time to prepare for and hopefully prevent them from happening. It will then demonstrate how this understanding should inform how companies develop and mature their cyber risk management program with a foundation that focuses on the end game of what must be done when the unthinkable happens so that, if it does, they are prepared and able to meet their obligations.

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About the Speaker:  Shawn Tuma, Attorney at Law, Spencer Fane


Shawn Tuma helps businesses protect their information and protect themselves from their information. He represents a wide range of clients, from small to midsize companies to Fortune 100 companies, across the United States and globally in dealing with cybersecurity, data privacy, data breach and incident response, regulatory compliance, computer fraud related legal issues, and cyber-related litigation.  Having practiced in this area of law since 1999, Shawn is widely recognized in cybersecurity and data privacy law. He is frequently sought out and hired by other lawyers and law firms to advise them when these issues arise in cases for their own clients.

While this area of the l aw has evolved greatly in the nearly 20 years while Shawn has been practicing, he continues to evolve with it as a practitioner representing his clients, academically as an author and instructor, and as an analyst for the national media.

Shawn’s practice covers three distinct areas:

Cyber Risk Management – Proactively helping companies assess and understand their overall cyber risk and then developing, implementing, and maturing a strategic cyber risk management program that prioritizes their efforts to help minimize their cyber risk and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Cyber Incident Response – Leading companies through the cyber incident response and data breach response process (e.g., as a “breach guide” or “breach quarterback”), crisis management, and regulatory compliance investigations and enforcement actions (e.g., by regulators such as various states’ Attorneys

General, Department of Health and Human Services / Office of Civil Rights (HHS/OCR), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Tuma serves as a breach guide for insurance companies’ panel of approved counsel.

Cyber Security, Hacking, and Data Breach Litigation – Representing clients in litigation involving cyber-related claims like computer and data misuse, computer hacking, data loss, data theft, and business-to-business disputes concerning responsibility for cyber incidents.

Shawn’s ideal role is to serve as a member of a company’s risk management team as outside cybersecurity counsel to help the company proactively prepare for and minimize its risks of doing business in today’s digital business world. Then, if a problem does arise, he is there to guide the company through resolving those issues as well.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022 (7:00 AM - 9:00 AM) (CDT)
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